Sunday, October 6, 2013

Monsoon Warmth and Comfort

Today's good thing takes some explanation.  Last night it was pouring rain when I went out to feed the rabbits and -- despite my umbrella -- my velour bathrobe got soaked.  I hung it up thinking it would dry overnight, but this morning it was still damp and cold.  So, I put it in the dryer while I made my coffee and, after a while, I took it out and put it on.  Heaven!  I was cold from running around in my nightie and the warm velour on my back and arms was ecstasy.

It was so good that I guess I'll get to do it again in a few minutes!  When Jeff came down, he was concerned about the drainage patterns around the new patio and in the back yard.  He insisted that we go out in the backyard with a shovel and dig drainage ditches to the backyard drain while the pouring rain was showing us where to dig.  Actually, he did the digging and I watched under an insufficient umbrella.  So, my bathrobe is in the dryer again.  I can't wait to get it out!

My friend Annette is missing her little Daisy, just like I'm missing Sam.  Daisy was an adorable little Bischon and the light of Annette's life.  She developed an auto-immune disease and had to leave us last week -- just a week after we lost Sam.  They will both be greatly missed.  Maybe they're playing together in the great beyond and comforting each other until we rejoin them.  I doubt that it works that way, but it's a nice thought.  Austin had a wise comment.  It's likely that heaven isn't bound by time the same way we are.  So, Sam may not feel the separation the way I do.  He's such a mama's boy -- it's hard to imagine him being happy without me.

They certainly enriched our lives.

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Lilac Haven said...

Our sweet babies. I'm so sad. I like what Austin said. I sure hope Daisy and Sam are together in heaven waiting for us.