Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Jurrassic Mall

 When I was in Danville, I ran across the type of oddity you can only find in a small town. I decided to  have my hair cut so I would look nice for the Friendship Spinners annual retreat.  I selected a small hair salon in a strip mall, walked in the door, and WHOA!  I was confronted by three enormous dinosaur skeletons!  One of them was a crocodilian beast with jaws at least five feet long and huge teeth.

My hairdresser later told me that these guys are the handiwork of a local dentist, who has his office next door.  He and his son are paleontologists on the side and rent these REAL dinosaur fossils to museums. Before shipping them, each skeleton is assembled to sure all the pieces are there and in good condition.  Likewise, when they're returned they must be assembled and examined for damage.  So, the dentist puts these monsters up in an empty storefront where a tanning salon used to be, right next to the beauty salon.

Talk about unexpected surprises!  Who would have guessed there would be dinosaurs in a strip mall in Danville?