Thursday, January 17, 2013

I haven't felt much like writing recently.  I don't know why, but I'm just going with it.  I suppose it started when Linda and I went to Hawaii last Sept.  I meant to write an essay about her bravery and good spirits while facing an incurable and debilitating brain disease.  But it never got done.  Somehow it seemed too personal and too sad.  The other things going on around here are the same.  I just don't feel like sharing right now ... I'm holding even the trivialities of my life close.

The rabbits have become a burden.  I can't believe I'm saying that, but it's true.  I have always gotten so much joy from their sweet faces and soft fur.

Andy will be 10 years old this spring.  Poor old guy.  He's had a testicular tumor for quite a while now.  His second testicle had shriveled away to nothing, but now it's as big as the other one, so I can only conclude that the cancer has spread to the second testicle too.  He has a solid floor in his sleeping area and has always been very clean about doing his duty out on the wire, but now he pees nearly every day on the solid part.  The pee mixes with feces and makes a wet mess that solidifies into cement on his rear end and back legs.  I have to clean him every couple of days -- an unpleasant chore for both of us.  If I can get a good weather day, I need to replace the solid floored area with wire.  I did that for Genny's cage because she's never been very fastidious with her bathroom habits.  Maybe that'll help him -- but every time I look at him I wonder if the vet should put him down.  He's outlived most rabbits by two years and I hope he's not suffering.  I guess as long as he has a healthy appetite ...

Genny is just Genny.  When I look at her, I think of a beautiful dumb blonde.  She is unquestionably beautiful, but she just doesn't have any personality.  She seems utterly indifferent to me and her surroundings as long as she's fed.

Charlie is a problem.  When I got him last spring, he was a curious and affectionate baby bunny.  When he hit maturity, he became high strung, nervous, and territorial.  He has bitten me hard enough to break the skin and leave impressive bruises several times.  When I brought him in for a brushing yesterday, I had to stand over him and lean my body away because he repeatedly lunged for me and snagged my sweater with his teeth.  He seems terrified and aggressive, even though I've tried to treat him gently.  Whenever I get him out of his hutch, he immediately releases a dozen poos and, often as not, pees as well -- so I think he's frightened.  I'm going to try to spend more time with him and try to convince him that he's safe, but he's really wearing on my nerves.  No one likes to be bitten and peed on.  I don't need another challenge in my life right now.

[ A small success:  When I took him out to get his picture, I decided to bring him inside for a little cuddle time.  He not only DIDN'T pee on me or bite me, he actually seemed to fall asleep in my lap for about five minutes.  Baby steps ....]

Maybe later I'll write a bit about my knitting.  Keep in touch.