Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Out Like a Lamb

It's the end of March and I'm checking in with a quick note. Things have changed a lot around here in the past month.

I've taken a great job with Lexis doing legal research from home. On the one hand, it's great because I can do it when I want to -- and in my pajamas! On the other hand, it's challenging to get in 40 hours a week without letting it take over your entire life. Even though I work hard all day, I often find myself working after dinner to squeeze in eight hours each day. Consequently, I haven't been doing much knitting and no spinning.

I finished the Centre scarf for Ally and I made an angora key fob for my Lexis random number generator (that allows me to get on the system). It's undoubtedly the fanciest random number generator there is. I started a plain garter stitch scarf out of alpaca and silk to keep me busy during long meetings. And that's about it.

I just ordered some yarn to finish off the plain scarf and maybe make a hat to match. I'm also thinking about making another fair isle tam with some variegated yarn I picked up at a fiber festival last year. ... just THINKING at the moment.

Spring fiber festivals? I don't know whether I'll make it this year or not. I'll have to see whether Lynne wants to go with me and when they are. It's hard to have all your time taken up after 18 years of "flex time" at home with the girls. Still, I'm grateful to have a paying job in this economy.

I'll post pictures of my projects when I get a few minutes. Gotta go!