Friday, May 22, 2009

Graduation Day

Well, it's official! Ally is now a high school graduate.

The graduation was quite an elegant affair. The girls were required to wear full length white (not candlelight, not ecru, not eggshell) gowns with at least 3 inches of sleeve and large picture frame white hats and gloves. The boys wore black tailcoats with top hats, gloves and canes. For the graduation ceremony, each girl carried a dozen red roses. It looked like something from 100 years ago -- very elegant.

Of course, the kids were kids. They were a little subdued by their finery, but not completely.

The evening before the graduation there was a mass and awards ceremony at the school. Ally received an award for having First Honors all year and won the Sociology medal and one of the Drama medals.

The graduation itself was the next morning at Mother of God Church in downtown Covington. It's a beautiful big old church with gorgeous stained glass.
Kate was able to actually catch the moment Ally received her diploma from the bishop on film.
Here is Ally with two of her closest friends: Renu and Laura.
Congratulations, Ally. Well done! We're so proud of you!