Saturday, November 14, 2009

Last Day of Vacation

This is our last day of vacation. We're trying to soak up the last bits of sunshine and relaxation. The sun is shining and the waves are pounding and I want to make this last day as sweet as possible. After two weeks away, I'm almost ready to go home. Who knows when I'll ever have this kind of opportunity again though -- so I'm squeezing the last bits of rest and luxury out of the day.

Friday, November 13, 2009

Linda and I Have Adventures in Florida

My friend, Linda, has come down to Florida to be with me. Yesterday we interrupted our heavy schedule of reading and relaxing to go into Sebastian and see Mel Fisher's Treasure Museum. The Museum tells all about the Fisher family's salvaging operation and how they've found priceless treasures from ancient shipwrecks -- in particular the 1715 Spanish treasure fleet that was wrecked in a hurricane just off the coast of Florida.

A lot of the items found were religious, like this rosary and cross. And some were more "practical" like this "poison cup" which has a framework in the bottom to hold a beazoar -- a stone that was said to absorb poison so that even if your drink was poisoned you would be protected. Of course, there were also gold and silver coins and huge bars of gold and silver too. There were chains and rings and lockets and candlesticks and lots of other assorted things. One interesting thing was that the gold that was made into necklaces wasn't taxed, so naturally people travelled with huge long necklaces of gold so they could transport the gold without paying a tax on it. Some of the gold necklaces were 6 or 8 feet long and made out of large chunky loops.

Some of the treasures that were salvaged are displayed in the museum and some are actually for sale in the gift shop. Linda bought a pendant that was made from a 1715 silver coin. It's oddly shaped because coins in those days weren't necessarily round. Once they were made by hand they were weighed and if they were a little heavy some of the coin was cut away. Similarly, if you needed to make payment and it cost less than a full coin, you'd just cut away the portion you needed to pay. So Linda's odd-shaped coin is really full of history.

I bought a book on the 1715 fleet and a faux silver coin -- but I already have a silver coin pendant at home that Jeff gave me and two pair of earrings all from salvaged treasure. So, I felt justified in egging Linda on to make her purchase without getting any myself!

After the museum we headed to the Vero Beach Factory Outlet to shop a little. Linda needed a new suitcase, since hers has lost a wheel and we looked around a little at the shops. We found a great suitcase for her at the Samsonite store -- it's bright red and has a shiny hard shell and wonderful wheels.
Today, we're back to relaxing by the pool. I bought "The Lovely Bones" to read and Linda's reading the "Twilight" series. Only one more day until it's time to head for home and Jeff's surgery.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

On My Own in Florida

Today is my third full day of complete solitude in Florida. I came down on Sunday and drove to Vero Beach and I have accomplished very little since. I'm supposed to be looking for a cheap used car so we don't have to pay the ridiculous rental car rates, but I've struck out so far. My only real prospect was sold yesterday to someone else while I waffled about whether a 2 hour drive to Orlando to look at another car was worthwhile. I decided it wasn't and then the first car was gone. I've spent a great deal of my so-called vacation time on this car business and now Jeff tells me just to wait until he gets here on Friday.

So, what should I do with myself? When I wasn't looking for cars, I've been knitting a pair of socks and reading a novel. I've been able to relax a good bit, but I've hardly been out of the room. I'm not the type who's afraid to eat out or see a movie alone -- but it's certainly less fun alone. I'm not too keen on swimming and with my melanoma history I shouldn't do any sunbathing and it doesn't seem like too much fun to sit alone by the pool even with a book. I have a fantastic view of the ocean from my hotel room, so I've been reading on the balconey.

This morning I woke up at 5 a.m. (probably partly due to the time change) and when the sun started to come up I took a picture of it coming up over the waves. There were really too many clouds in the way, but I'm a lazy bug and I rarely see sunrises of any type. So, I enjoyed this one.

I know that being alone with nothing to do is a precious gift and I should treasure it and use it wisely and well, but I can't think of anything I really want to do. Any suggestions? What would you do all by yourself in a tropical paradise? Let me know. Jeff'll be here on Friday, so I really just have today and tomorrow left.