Monday, September 21, 2009

Wool Gathering 2009

This year we had a caravan to the Wool Gathering in Yellow Springs, Ohio. Lynne and Rachel the Peach went in one car because they had to leave early and I followed in another car, eager to wring the last drop of wooly goodness from this year's event.

The weather was fantastic and everyone took advantage of it ... EVERYONE. As I left, one of the sponsors told me that attendance was record breaking -- and I believe it. It was downright crowded! Good for the vendors and a little frustrating for the shoppers, but everyone was good-humored.

The very first thing I saw as I came in was the sheep dog demonstration. A very talented border collie was herding black ducks through tunnels, up ramps and into enclosures. As always, it was amazing to watch the owner direct the dog and the dog guide the ducks through the course.

I walked the entire place twice -- once to look (and feel and smell) and once to buy. There were two huge tents and booths lining the aisle in between them and they were filled with fiber of all types -- from fresh off the animal to finished garments and everything in between, including the animals themselves. There were sheep and goats and llamas and alpacas and rabbits for sale in addition to the yarn and fiber from them.

Best of all, I got to see a lot of friends from the fiber world: Joan Payne, Pat Maley, Moya Jones, Barb Gallagher, Annette Boose, Lisa Rodenfels, and lots more, in addition to spending time with Lynne and meeting Rachel the Peach.

On the way home I passed a field full of sunflowers and couldn't resist stopping the car and taking some pictures. It was a lovely day.
Now for the goodies I bought! I got 2 oz. of a cashmere/silk blend to spin up for something yummy. I also got some Cascade 220 for making some more nativity figures. I got two tubes of a multicolored roving that's meant to be spun in sequence so you can ply it and make striped yarn. I got a cool bracelet that lets you hang a ball of yarn from your wrist while you knit. I got some turquoise dye and highlighter tape (which I'd never seen before -- genius idea!) and last, but not least, several ounces of tussah silk to spin. I definitely did my part to support the vendors and keep the Wool Gathering going!

Sunday, September 6, 2009

More Progress on the Bohus

I finished the yoke on the Bohus sweater and it's starting to look good. The white and gray colorwork really lifted the mood from the all black background and gave the sweater some life. I still need to knit the 1 inch of ribbing that finishes the neckline and graft under the arms, THEN it's on to the dreaded steeking. I've heard that a couple of stiff drinks may be necessary to work up the courage to cut the knitted fabric. I wonder if pina coladas are too frou-frou to work...