Friday, October 31, 2008

Welcome Home Genevieve!

We have a new baby at our house, a black satin angora doe that we've named Genevieve. She's a beauty and will, hopefully, be a girlfriend for Andy the angora buck.

Genevieve is still getting settled in. She doesn't quite know what to think about Sam, the Springer Spaniel. Andy just pushes Sam out of the way, but Genevieve thinks that Sam might eat her. She doesn't know what a wimp he is yet.

We've offered her parsley but she preferred to nibble on some of the potted flowers. I didn't let her nibble long because I'm not sure they're good for little rabbits. She also likes to eat the dried oak leaves that are falling right now.

I brushed her out for the first time today and got a big handful of silky angora fur. I can't wait to spin it up!

Monday, October 27, 2008

Okay, we're over the gloom

I'm making a new blog post even though I don't have time to properly post because I want the old gloomy one(s) to recede into the past. Everything has sorted itself out, as things tend to do in time. Ally is still a little hurt, but she's coping and looking forward to her Shakespeare classes (Groundlings). She's caught up in the Senior maelstrom of SAT taking, college visiting, and college applications.

Kate, on the other hand, is blissfully "in like" with a sweet boy she met at summer camp. She's had texting relationships before -- they said they were "together," but they never actually saw each other in person -- but this is a real dating situation. I couldn't be happier for her because he seems like a genuinely nice guy. The only real problem is that he lives about 1/2 hour away and neither of them drive yet. He just turned 16 and she'll be 16 in Feb., so they spend a lot of time on the phone.

I'm getting ready to drive to Louisville for the American Rabbit Breeders Association convention. They should be showing the angoras today and I'd like to see it. I'm taking my camera, so maybe I'll have something to post tomorrow or at least soon. Now I'd better get out the door or I'll miss it!

Maybe I'll be able to bring Andy back a bride!

Oh! By the way, I finally finished Kate's Civil War reproduction dress (except it has a ZIPPER). I'm such a rotten seamstress ... it's taken me a year ... literally ... to get it done. Originally, it was supposed to be a reward to Kate for getting straight As in the first quarter of high school. Now it's the first quarter of her sophomore year and she got straight As again! Now what am I going to do?!

Ally loves the more theatrical silver mask that she got at the costume shop. I also made her blue cloak as a Christmas present several years ago.
They wore their halloween garb to a huge party at the Kennedy's house last weekend.