Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Welcome to My New World

At Annette's urging, I've finally decided to update my blog. I've been silent for so long because I have a new job and it takes a lot of my time -- so I haven't had time for a lot of the knitting and spinning things in my life since February. As I told Annette, all I do anymore is sit in the basement in front of my computer. Not to be dissuaded, though, Annette said, "Then take a picture of your work station and post that." So, I did. Here we see a picture of my makeshift work station, a door painted blue and placed across two file cabinets. I have my spinning wheel clock above and my faithful companion, Sam, below.

The rug he's lying on is alpaca ...

Next we have a picture of my UFOs, all hung neatly in bags waiting their turn to be finished (or not). The beautiful steamer trunk that Kathryn refinished for me is full of fiber to spin and is flanked by chairs full of more fiber.

Here is a picture of the top of a dresser full of spinning supplies and dyes. It has three jars of dye on top, a duck-shaped basket full of my handspun yarn, and an example of "quilling," which is a type of rug hooking that was practiced in colonial times.

Next, we have a small sample of my commercial yarn stash, guarded by an angel made out of roving.
Last, here's my collection of knitting and spinning books. The ram holding up the books on the top shelf was a gift from Lynne and is far more attractive than this picture shows. The baskets are full of my hand spun yarn -- in fact, I wove the basket on the right myself too. The display case hanging on the wall has part of my collection of ancient spindle whorls in it. My Mom made me the sign that says "Penny Landen Needlewoman" on it with counted cross-stitch.
So, this is a view of what I see eight hours a day. After reviewing it, it strikes me that it's full of a lot of lovely gifts that people I love have given me. Not a bad place to be ....